Busy Bees

While the cat’s away the mice will play. (Thank you to my grade-school religion teacher for this lovely phrase. Ravens, you know what I’m talking about). In this case Jake is the cat, which makes Wats and I the mice. No, we’re not eating all the cheese in the house or leaving droppings in the cabinets, so no need to set traps (although we’d both surely take the peanut butter bait). But we have picked up some new hobbies in recent days.


First of all, I’m not one of those naturally athletic people who exudes coordination and endurance. Watson on the other hand is something like a playful cheetah. When these two combine, it makes for pretty humorous sight.

Since there are no pictures of this event because obviously that would just complicate my coordination issues further, allow me to set the scene for you: We run on a nicely paved trail near the apartment. Watson is still on a rope-type leash, no retractables yet. I keep a moderate pace, but Watson does a lot of pulling me along at the beginning since he likes to put part of his leash in his mouth as we trot along. By this time I’m cracking up and trying to run while he’s speedily weaving in and out and on and off the trail. I’ve definitely stumbled and nearly tripped a few times. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m the girl who broke her ankle while walking…) The proof is in that cute boot.

Basically, this is a dangerous hobby. After about five minutes, Wats tuckers out and slows down a bit. He still keeps up for the most part (not that I’m fast by any means), but sometimes when he finds a nice shady area, he’ll lie down without my knowing and ouch, there goes the ol’ shoulder.

I’m really trying to enjoy this whole running thing, and Watson is definitely helping. It’s nice to have a good laugh while I’m panting and sweating glistening. I appreciate his just-keep-running attitude. It’s pretty contagious.

Stick collecting:

Along with our runs, Watson and I take at least two lovely walks around the area each day. Upon our return home, Watson never fails to pick up a stick (many bigger than he) and drops it off in the front lawn of our building. We’ve got a nice collection going on. Sometimes he adds a nice dirt clod or rock to the mix, but mostly we stick to the sticks.

Extreme cuddling:

After all this exercise, who doesn’t want to curl up and relax some? Well, Watson and I have taken cuddling to an extreme level with the help of our man abroad. Jake sent us some goodies that are perfect for super sonic snuggles. This amazingly soft and cozy KING size blanket (in a wonderful grey color) is big enough for a pup that likes to stretch out and a lady who’s most comfortable in a ball-like position. (Sorry for the headless-blanket-lady look.)

He also sent Watson his very own first sea turtle! Don’t worry it’s just a toy, but it’s eco-friendly and absolutely adorbs.

I honestly can’t believe he found a sea turtle chew toy (oh the joys of the Internet). Watson has been enjoying the little creature so far (but I’d say it’s in more of a rough-housing sort of way, aka: not-so-cuddly.)

So, if you were wondering how a lady and her pup lad keep busy, there ya have it. Trying new things is always fun and adding a puppy into the mix certainly keeps it interesting.

Have any of you picked up new hobbies this summer? Are there any collections out there Watson might want to try getting into next? Hope your summers have been great (ours is about to come to an end way too quickly.)



Pup Culture

When we picked the name Watson for the newest and cutest (seriously, see below) member of the fam, we didn’t think too much about the possibility of pop cultural references beyond Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, or “Doctuh Watson” as we like to pronounce it.

But in the last 4 months or so we’ve noticed the what-we-thought-to-be-a-not-so-common name popping up in everything from sports and TV shows to commercials and super computers. We’re also finding ourselves easily slipping the pup’s namesake into songs, jingles, and dated cultural memes. Poor guy just can’t seem to get away from his name.

Here’s a little rundown of the Watsons we’ve found: (P.S. click on the links in blue to see exactly what we’re talking about. Some references are difficult to describe, so feel free to try them out loud… it’s actually kind of fun, I promise.)

  • Capitol One “What’s in your wallet?” commericals lend easily to a little “Wats in your wallet?”. Yes, we really do ask our dog this question.
  • The new CBS series, “Elementary,” about present-day Sherlock Holmes. Lucy Liu plays the role of Watson.

  • The Police’s 1978 classic “Roxanne,” or as we sing it, “Waaatsssson.” (I’m telling you, just sing along… you’ll see.)
  • IBM’s super computer, Watson, that can answer questions that are asked in natural language and is the ultimate Jeopardy! champ.

  • And who can forget the “Wazzzzzuuuuupppp?” commercial that changed how people everywhere answer the phone? Definitely not Waaaaatttssssssonnnnn.

We also experienced one mistaken Watson reference. Jake thought the TV show “The Waltons” was called “The Watsons.” We give him props for trying. Close, but no cigar rawhide.

Have you guys and gals been seeing Watsons everywhere like us? Have we missed any other opportunities to embarrass our pup by inserting his name into songs or commercials like good dog-parents should? Let us know. Watson will be really appreciative.