We saved him. We named him. And now we’re trying to train him.

I’m Mackenzie. He’s my manfriend, Jake. And we’re first-time dog owners, attempting to raise a well-behaved cutie pie named Watson. After an interesting start, a tiny 6-week-old  Watson moved in to our apartment and our a-heart-ments (yes, we are the king & queen of corny), and we’re not letting him go.

From naming and house training to vet visits and road trips, this blog will keep you up to date on our day-to-day adventures with our four-legged family member. While we both grew up with dogs (shout out to Heidi, Beau, Koby, Udo, and Kaiser), we’re certainly not professionals when it comes to our pooch, even though our credentials may say otherwise. (Jake has a B.S. in Animal Sciences and is pursuing an M.S. in Biology. I have a B.A. in Professional Writing and am pursuing an M.A. in Professional Communication.)

Through trial and error, internet searches, and asking around, we’re decoding the barks and bones of raising a Watson, and finding that it’s not so elementary. Hopefully, we’ll help (or at least entertain) some of you along the way.



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