Mr. Fix It

As Watson continues to get up there in age, we’ve got some important decisions to make. Namely, regarding neutering. As Bob Barker taught us very earlier in life, “help keep the animal population under control…” (Watch it here), so we already knew that we would have Watson fixed at some point.

Animals can get the procedure done as early as 8 weeks old, but our vet suggested we wait until Watson gained some weight. Needless to say, he’s packed on the pounds (10 to be exact), and we’ve been given the go ahead by the vet.

We decided to pick a time when we’d both be around just in case anything goes wrong or Wats has a bad reaction. Looks like Watson will be going under the knife early this Monday morning (Sept. 10). The procedure should only take an hour, but they’ll keep him overnight just to monitor his recovery.

As far as side effects go, I’ve heard and read about ripped stitches, vomiting, adverse reaction to sedatives and general sluggishness. Honestly, the drowsiness would probably be good for a little guy in such a delicate condition, but the others I could do without.

Beyond the tip from Mr. Barker, neutering will provide a lot of other benefits for Watson (and us). He’ll be less likely to run away from home, therefore avoiding getting hit by a car (or worse). He won’t be as tempted to approach other dogs which can help keep him safe from any biters (or worse). Getting fixed, as they say, is also said to improve behavior in male animals.

Not that Watson is particularly rowdy or disobedient, but he does have his moments. For example, he’s starting to nibble again when he plays. He’s getting quite the bark and at times quite the snarl (his adult teeth look vicious). He also won’t be trying to mark his territory by peeing on everything from lampposts and trees to twigs lying in the middle of the sidewalk. As far as I know, these are all just part of the puppy puberty routine, and neutering should help calm him down some.

Since today is the dude’s last day with his family jewels, we thought we’d give them a proper sendoff. (For those of you Arrested Development fans, enjoy. For those of you who have yet to appreciate and love this fabulous show, enjoy.) Say goodbye to these!



2 thoughts on “Mr. Fix It

  1. Hi Grands,     Hopefully, you have Watson outside on this beautiful fallish day.  It’s good to read about the next chapter in the life of your beloved pet.  However, Grammy wants to know about my human Grands and how things are going!!!  Namely…….how are your classes in this new year/semester?  Are both of you teaching and if so how are your classes?  When will you be back in E’ville for a visit (I’m missing ya)?   Are you interested in meeting at Jane Anne’s in Mishawaka, IN later this month or next month? We’ll spring for your gas and any other expenses you may incur.   Paps and I are thinking about visiting for a weekend in her nice log home and gorgeous setting and would so enjoy coupling it w/hugs all around!!!  I know she would really enjoy having you.  Question Mackenzie…….are you interested in or do you have a need for a sewing machine w/all kinds of accessories?       I anxiously await hearing from you and maybe seeing some recent photos..huh?!  Give Watson a kiss from Grammy w/hopes he breezes right thru the procedure tomorrow. Love You

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