There’s No Place Like Home

Okay, the cat dog’s out the bag. Toto, I’m not in Indiana anymore. I just so happen to be somewhere that people like to call “paradise”: St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Not to make any of you readers jealous, but here’s a little bit of what “paradise” looks like:

It’s not every day that people get to travel to places like this, so why do I keep putting quotation marks around paradise? Because it almost feels like it, that’s why. One thing about traveling is the fact that you have to leave something behind. As you well know, I’ve left both Mackenzie and Watson back home. It’s only for a month, so it’s not really a big deal, right? Well, after reading the last post, it’s apparent that it’s affecting the pup, but it takes its toll on us as well, me especially.

It’s great that I get to see the two of them daily via Skype. That is whenever our internet is actually working and not freezing on Mackenzie’s unintended funny/awkward faces (gummy smile!). (You can’t see me here, but in some of these Skype pictures you’ll notice my shirt is off, well, that’s because it’s always so so hot in paradise).But then again, Skyping is only through an 8 x 8 screen. I guess that’s better than nothing. What’s really been getting to me is how the dog’s taking all this. Recently Mackenzie’s found Watson in this position:Hanging out by the window is pretty normal for him considering there’s a lot that goes on outside. And it’s also pretty normal for him to start wagging his tail whenever he sees someone coming from or going to their car. But it’s not typically the case for him to then run to the door, sit down, whine, and wag his tail as if it’s me who’s coming into the building, finally coming home. A little heart-breaking isn’t it? Tell me about it.

When he finds out it’s not me heading up the stairs, he heads on over to the couch and seeks comfort in Mackenzie’s lap or Mr. Koala.But I’m sure in reality, he’s imagining a little something like this:(I’ve really stepped up my photo editing skills these past couple of posts. Has anyone noticed?)

Either way, I’ve found that I’ve left behind more than my girlfriend and my puppy. I’ve left my best friends. Down here, I’m just “OJ” or the “Other Jacob” (the friend I’m helping is also named Jacob), but back home I’m more than that. I’m Watson’s “Playmate of the Year” (no, not the bunny kind). As unfair as all this seems, it’s actually practice for our little guy. I’ll be leaving again in a month in a half, only this time it’ll be for 5 months. But after that, I’ve told myself (and I guess now all of you) that I’m done with the lengthy traveling unless I can take those two with me.

Aside from seeing both of them when I get back, I’m looking most forward to Watson’s reaction when he realizes that I’m still around. I’ve always watched those videos of soldiers when they return home from war and the reactions of their dogs. (If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, have a look here or here or here.) I can only imagine what Wats might do.

To me, the best part about leaving is always being able to come back. (Especially to what I hope will be an extremely excited pup!)

When you have to travel, what’s your favorite part of coming back home? A sloppy lick from your dog? Perhaps getting to sleep in your own bed? Maybe even some smokehouse almonds (which Mac has promised to have stocked in the pantry upon my return. I’m holding you to that, lady.)



3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. When I’m gone for too long and return to find my pups thinking I’ve abandoned them, they tend to pee out of excitement lol. It’s cute I suppose, but just get ready for the potential pees of joy!

  2. When we went to California a few weeks ago, we had a friend watch our cats for us (Laura Williams, I think you had class with her, Mackenzie), and she texted me with updates on them basically everyday. I was so excited to get home to see their reaction, because she said they kept looking disappointed whenever she went over there. When we got home, their little faces lit up like it was Christmas…that’s my favorite part about coming home :).

  3. Oh, there is going to be some major butt and tail wagging going on. You may even have a little bit of pee on your shoes! I remember that when I would come home from a trip Doby would run and jump on me so hard that he would knock me over. It was great. Hang in there while your are missing your Mac and Wats!

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