Perplexed Pup

For almost a week now, Watson’s been a little more confused than usual. Not that he’s normally befuddled, but for the last few days he’s had a confounded and generally bummed out expression on his furry face.

When we come home from a walk, he searches the house and cocks his head from side to side. When he’s ready for bed, he pokes his head in every room of the apartment, and flips his ears quizzically (I’m not sure if ears can flip quizzically, but you know what I mean). What could he possibly be looking for? Perhaps the very first toy we bought him? This little hedgehog was Watson’s first travel partner, but Watson’s razor-sharp teeth chewed the stuffing out of him in about a month. We salvaged him by removing the remaining fluff, but a few days ago Wats completely shredded off the hedgie’s quills fur and left if all over the floor. Adios, hedgie, to the trash you go.

But he has many many (many) more toys to keep his mind occupied from the loss of his first toy friend, so I’m thinking it’s not that. What he’s looking for and confused about he only has one of… his daddio (play pal and snuggle buddy).

As some of you already know, Jake is helping a friend/colleague do some sea turtle (hawksbill sea turtle, to be exact) research on the lovely U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix. He’ll be there for a while, but little Watson just doesn’t seem to understand.

Since Jake’s been gone, we’ve Skyped (aka: video conferenced) some, and figured maybe Watson would want to see him (yes, we have quite the high-tech dog). Well, that just led to more confusion. He started barking and getting antsy and leaping into my lap. We think he recognized Jake’s voice, but wasn’t able to see his face on the computer screen. One afternoon though, I was sitting at the dining room table Skyping with Jake, and Watson calmly climbed onto my lap, rested his head on the table, put his paw on the laptop keyboard and just stared right at Jake’s face on the screen. (Trust me, it was the cutest thing ever.) And he stayed in that same position for a solid 10 minutes. I think that might’ve made Jake’s day.One thing I think is pretty neat is that Watson actually responds to Jake’s whistles over Skype too. If we’re talking in the living room and Watson’s in the back room, he’ll come running in to me once he hears the digital whistle. He doesn’t even respond to my real-life (attempts at) whistling the way he does to Jake’s.

This is a pretty interesting time for us as far as puppy-parenting goes, but so far I’d say it’s going well. Sometimes Wats does seem to have a little bit of sadness added to his confusion, but hopefully once Jake gets back these new expressions I’m seeing will disappear. And maybe Jake will even bring a replacement for the pup’s trashed toy… (Watson’s hoping for a sea turtle stuffy from an exotic Caribbean local!)

Any advice for this poor pup who’s searching for his pops? Or this puppy mama who’s trying to keep the little guy occupied?



3 thoughts on “Perplexed Pup

  1. Awwwe. How absolutely sweet those pics are. Jacob must feel so loved. That love and loyalty we receive from our four legged friends is what truly makes them family.

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