It’s His Potty

Since we only received one comment when we asked our readers to share their inquiries about good ol’ Watson, we’ll go ahead and do our best to answer that question.

Aunt Sheri asked: “Is he totally potty trained now?”

We think it’s safe to assume she was referring to Watson, not Jake, so sticking with our first instinct, we continue on…

Short version: Yes, Watson is fully, totally, completely potty trained. And we love him for it!

Long version: Our little 5 month-old Wats has been doing all of his business outside for about a month now. (Did anyone else imagine Watson decked out in a dapper three-piece suit conducting a conference call when you read that? Or maybe just posing on the cover of GQ?).

Well, even though he dresses like an executive, we still weren’t sure what to expect as far as a time frame for potty-training to be finito, but it seems he’s right on schedule, and we’re through with spot-cleaning four times a day, thank goodness!

As we mentioned here, Cheerios were our secret weapon when it came to reinforcing good bathroom grassy-knoll behavior. One way I’m able to tell that Watson is fully, totally, completely potty trained is that we’ve for-the-most-part tapered off on the Cheerios, but he still keeps going to the front door time and time again. Most of the time he sits patiently until we notice he’s there, but other times he brings his urgency to our attention by squirming and barking — what I like to think of as the equivalent of the human style “pee dance.” (Come on.. don’t act like you’ve never done it.)

One little caveat: All of this positive progress with the total, complete, full potty training only holds up at our apartment. I’m not saying that at any given time he freely relieves himself on the floors of other people’s homes, but we have noticed a trend with Wats, he’s a dog who appreciates routine. When we’re staying with someone else, he’ll usually let us know when he needs to take care of things, but sometimes the excitement of new people, animals, and places gets to him, and it seems there is simply no time to go outside. That’s when we (and our very generous hosts) find little “gifts” lying around. (Actually, we sometimes find other non-bodily-but-still-bathroom-related gifts lying around at our place too… only three times though.)

One curious setback: When we visited Evansville for an entire week at the end of May, Watson came home and had clearly forgotten that outside is the place to be when nature calls. Is there a condition called puppy amnesia? If so, perhaps this is what the pup was suffering from at that point. We had to go back to coaching and reinforcing with Cheerios, but after a week or so, Watson was right back to the grass where he belongs (well, only when he needs to go or enjoy some exercise rest).

Not only are we thrilled to have a potty-trained pup (or puppers as I’ve been calling him lately. Sorry, boy.), but our cream-colored carpets are also so excited to get back to their pre-pooch, spotless glory!

Thanks again, Sheri, for the great question! And as always let us know if we can answer any of your other queries! (We know you’re out there, loyal readers, in 11 different countries to be exact (!!!), and we want to hear from you!)



3 thoughts on “It’s His Potty

  1. Ok, this thing with JGL has to stop. Now Watson? Just because I’m not around doesn’t mean you can replace me.

    Might as well add for the readers back home, Watson is fully potty trained except when he’s mad at us. If he’s not getting attention, he likes to go in the office and pee all over the futon comforter! ALL over! We have no reason why he does this, but again, it’s hard to stay mad at the little guy for too long. He just wants to be loved. And he is.

  2. It seems appropriate to comment today on Watsons recent visit to Grandma and Grandpas house. I did find him sitting patiently at the door and when he was taken outside, he always did his JOB. But, this guy likes his JOB. 3 triples as I would call them in one morning and 3 other singles by noon, left these old farts (haha) busy. AND then, I still had a surprise in the basement that looked like spirograph. (if you’re too young to remember that, look it up) He left his art work in 2 rooms in the basement. So, I know it is exciting to be with the grandparents and Koby, but we’ll cut back on the water breaks next time.

  3. Oh, toilet paper is so much fun to play with!!
    And yes, when a dog (of any age) is unhappy with their person, the message is usually conveyed by peeing and pooping in the house. When they are REALLY angry and want to make a big impression, peeing and/or pooping on their person’s bed is the most effective!
    For example, many years ago (Uncle Brad does NOT know this) Brad was watching television in the living room downstairs while I was in bed reading. He apparently did something that made Ellie very angry or perhaps had hurt her feelings by ignoring her. She must have felt compelled to stand up for herself, so she came upstairs, jumped in our bed and immediately peed on Brad’s pillow.

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