The Not-So-Great Escape

For those of you who’ve seen the movie “Marley and Me,” you know just how crazy that big yellow lab of a dog is. Future dog owners fear this movie in hopes that their dog isn’t as destructive or as rambunctious as him, even thought Marley proves to be a great companion and family member in the end. If you haven’t seen this movie, check out the trailer right quick.

For those of you who are dog owners, did that stir up any memories of raising your pooch? Perhaps some of these things are still going on? For us, this movie (and the end of the trailer in particular) stirs up a very recent memory. In fact, this recent memorable moment just happened on Monday. Did you catch the end of the trailer where Marley was walking outside the car, while John (Owen Wilson) was holding on to him?

(In case you have an appetite for more, here’s a longer clip that shows the whole scene.)

Well, as you might have deduced (yes, I just used a detective term) we had a similar situation that wasn’t as well rehearsed. In fact, it onset more fright and panic than anything else. Mackenzie and I decided to take Watson to a new park to enjoy a book and some sun (for a change from all the rain and the gloominess it brings).

The entrance to the park has a speed limit of 15 mph (which I was going) and signs directing patrons to different areas of the park. We didn’t know where we were going so we kept driving at that pace. On the left was a disc golf course and across the street was a little par 3 course, where some ladies were lining up their putts on the green.

Now, when Watson rides with us, he’s leashed and the windows are cracked just enough for him to stick his head out and enjoy the breeze. However, this time the window was all the way down. Of course he was still leashed and being held by Mackenzie.

Back to those ladies I was talking about. Watson loves people, we all know this. No matter how out of reach they appear. Well, Watson, being the golf professional that he is, decided that he wanted to help them sink their putts and the only way out was the window. And out he went. Still attached to the leash. Now, I hadn’t quite processed what was going on, but luckily Mackenzie had started to let some of the leash out so he could reach the ground. My car door wasn’t about to be a gallows.

Thoughts were racing through my head. Was he okay? Did I run him over? At that point I hadn’t completely stopped the car because again, I hadn’t processed what was happening. The last thought that raged through my mind was, “Why wasn’t Mackenzie holding onto him?” But it didn’t quite come out of my mouth like that… Worse than any one of Watson’s worst barks. I definitely put my foot in my mouth (taking a note from the pup).

She got out of the car and made sure Watson was okay, which thank God he was. However, the sting from my bark didn’t make things any better. Needless to say, it was a short trip to the park that day, but more importantly, an important lesson learned from our furry friend.

Situations like that can bring out the worst in us. Make us feel vulnerable and scared. But we should learn to control them, gather ourselves, be a team, and make the appropriate decision so that, in the event that something happens again, it can be handled differently. This dog brings out the best and worst in us, but we’re not going to let it affect our relationship, our little (goofballin’) family.

On a lighter note, does anyone have any funny stories about their pups? Things that you thought you could only see in a movie before it actually happened to you? I know this won’t be the last time anything like this happens, and we’ll make sure you readers are the first to know. No matter how scary or potentially shaming it may be.



6 thoughts on “The Not-So-Great Escape

  1. Awe Jake, kudo’s to you for admitting that you were wrong on what you did and said and sweet Mackenzie for forgiving him and not making putting him in the “doghouse.” Dog’s can treat us many lesson’s. I really enjoy the blog. Looking forward to putting a link on our English Cream Golden Retriever website once it is up and running. Hugs to Watson and the peeps he owns!

  2. Oooh that little daredevil. One of my favorite things about dogs is that no matter how much trouble they get in, you can never allow yourself to be upset for more than 3 minutes. Callie is currently sprawled out, spread eagle, on the couch and sends a few slobbery licks to you three:)

  3. I love and miss you two… err… THREE! (Especially the Godson!) Glad to see you all are still doing so well. Please stop being strangers in my life. Keep on writing. They’re ALL fantabulous.

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