Pooping & Peeing & Puking… Oh My!

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. The content of this post is graphic and may be disturbing to some. If you are easily squeamish or have a weak stomach, this blog entry is not for you. Feel free to look at our other pages and see all the cute things that Watson does, as this one may not show the cutest side of Watson.


There’s still time to turn back! It’s not too late to click on “Say Woof!” Can’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Poop, pee, and puke — three bodily functions that occur with everyone. Some more than others and for many different reasons. Each one of these is usually a private matter (with the exception of taking a “leak” in the bushes or squatting just off the path) where often, we would prefer not to be bothered. It’s a time where we can get lost in a magazine or carried away in a game of Words with Friends. Some of you might even be enjoying this blog right now while doing your duty. (Caught ya!) No matter who, what, where, why or when, these three functions happen daily (well, hopefully not the vomiting bit) and are essential for the comfort of our bodies.

For Watson, these are not-so-private occasions. Poor fella has someone follow him around everywhere to make sure that he goes to the bathroom. How would you feel having a leash attached to you? Talk about lack of privacy. This is just another of the issues Watson has with his parents, but it’s something he’s getting used to. Eight times out of 10 he usually gets his business done and gets right back in the apartment. The other 2 times he just wants to be outside sniffing and eating whatever comes under his nose.


This is one area where Watson has always let us know when it’s time to “go.” He’s never been afraid to sit at the door and bark until one of us finally gets up to take him outside. His routine is simple. He makes a couple circles, checks the wind, faces due east, and squats. It kind of looks like this:

Looks painful right? Actually, this is a shot we took of Watson testing out his new tie-out leash/cable. (You’ll hear more about this in the next post.) It just so happens that Watson looks like he’s in the “position” (and a lot of pain), so I couldn’t resist including the visual.

His stools are normally solid, but he occasionally has a loose one. If we see that, we cut back on extra treats or bone-chewing time to allow for normal digestion. It might sound weird, but we like seeing solid stools, even if there’s a little something “extra” in them (blue tin foil and stuffed animal stuffing, I’m looking at you).


This has always been Watson’s downfall, for a number of reasons. Unlike #2, he felt that he could go #1 wherever he wanted to, but he has been getting better. We’ve been mess free for about 2 weeks now, and it’s about time we get our carpets clean (yay!). If it’s not the carpets or the grass outside, it’s on shoes. Particularly on the shoes of new people and people he knows well but hasn’t seen for a while.

Sometimes he even pees on me. He’s a daddy’s dog, what can I say? Speaking of shoes, every once in awhile Watson likes to come back from doing his business wearing a pair of boots. Golden boots in fact (aka pee-soaked white paws). Inspired by Usain Bolt, especially with the Olympics coming up. Hopefully those boots will be put back in Watson’s closet when everything’s over in London (or when he gets better aim.)


The third and final function that doesn’t happen to Watson so much. We’ve written about his first night with us and his upset stomach, but other than the occasional up-chuck he doesn’t make these a routine occasion. However, one moment sticks out in our minds. After leaving Watson for about 3 hours, he was excited when we came home. He went on a tear after going outside. Running around the house, jumping on the couch. Then out of nowhere, “Hack!” All over the couch. The end product was this:  (hurry, avert your eyes if you get queasy!) Look closely. Okay, I realize it’s a little disgusting, but take a look at the bottom left.Yes, that’s a not-so-chewed biscuit. The biscuit we gave him before we left. The dog loves food. We’ve always laughed about it, but we’re being serious when we say he ‘inhales’ it.

So there you have it, Watson’s numbers 1 through 3. It’s a good thing he can’t readily access the internet (thank you, parental controls) or else we’d be in the doghouse for sharing such personal information with all of you.

Don’t worry, we’re not asking any questions on this one. Please keep your functions to yourselves.



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