Life Is a Highway

Summer is the ideal time to load up the car, make a stack of PB&Js, throw on some shades and tunes (like the one in the title), and hit the road. Jake and I have always enjoyed our fair share of spontaneous road trips, but adding a pooch into the mix definitely brings about some changes. The most apparent one for me is that we have to make plans before going anywhere for more than 3 or so hours. Our quick, spur-of-the-moment day trips to Chicago and Indy have been vetoed, but now we get to enjoy the company of a furry little pal in the backseat.Before taking Watson on his first road trip, we heard horror stories about puppies puking, pooping, and phfreaking out during long (and not-so-long) drives. To help our chances with Wats, we decided to take him for little spins around town. I’m not sure if this actually helped or if he’s just a natural traveler (should we have named him Gulliver?!), but once it came time for his first road trip, he jumped right into his crate and simply slept the entire time. Perfecto!

Since his first car trip to Logansport, this tiny trooper has been to Evansville twice, Indy twice, and Logansport many more times. Each trip brings a new first for our little guy. From meeting his first cat to taking his first swim (see it on the Say Woof! page!), Watson has become quite the adventurer.

A wet Watson after his first swim in Newburgh.

Taking himself on a walk in Evansville.

Watson’s first taste of human food. He looooves Logansport egg salad.

Finally some rest for the little nomad in Logansport.

Have you taken any road trips this summer? Have any planned? Any good ideas about how to make our time in the car more fun for Watson?



2 thoughts on “Life Is a Highway

  1. well, i have been a bad gma since i haven’t been reading about my grandog for a while. Boy has he been busy. as you know, our road trips were limited with the large dogs we had along with the two kids and their toys, so road trips were short. what i do remember is if you wear them out wherever you go, they will sleep on the way home. tell watson to come to gma’s house anytime. koby misses him! gma michelle

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