We’ve already covered the nail trimming aspect of Watson’s grooming needs, but believe us, there’s more. For a small animal, there’s a surprising amount of monthly upkeep that goes on. Pedicure, check. Manicure, check. Now it’s time to get his hurr furr did. We’ll start with a nice shampoo and bubble bath, then on to drying and styling.

Up until a few days ago, we washed Watson like we do our dishes. No, not in the dishwasher (although he does love to stand in it), in the sink. His little puppy self lent well to countertop bathing, but since he’s gotten quite a bit longer and taller (than a toaster!), he’s moved on to bigger and better basins… bathtub, here we come!

Bathing Watson is a two-person job. One handles the dog and the other handles the all-important Cheerios. We tend to switch back and forth on who does what during Watson’s bath time just so he doesn’t end up hating the one pouring water all over him. It’s not the he dislikes H20 (or being clean) but he goes into survival mode when he’s about to be tossed gingerly placed into water, even if it’s only two inches.

Even before entering the tub he spread his paws, preparing an exit strategy aka: paddling his way out. Having Cheerios on hand helps get him (and us) through this potentially dramatic ordeal. Whenever we’re introducing something new to Watson, we reinforce the “it’s not evil” factor with his favorite treats. Once he realized he could stand in the water, he relaxed some and focused his full attention on the brain food training food in Jake’s hands, and it was pretty easy for me to soak his coat with warm water (using a giant Pacers cup obviously), lather him up with some oatmeal “body wash” specifically meant for puppies, and rinse him squeaky clean. Let’s just say the remaining tub water was less than appetizing.

For the post-bath drying bit we thought we’d attempt a new approach to supplement the towel… furdryer, anyone? Watson always seems so interested when I’m blow-drying my hair, that we figured he might enjoy a nice warm blast of air himself. Before turning the dryer on to a cool/low setting, we let Wats sniff it and eat some “it’s not evil” Cheerios, but once that whir of noise started roaring, the poor guy was cowering in the bathroom begging for Jake to pick him up. I am not about to be the wicked witch in Watson’s eyes, so I dropped the dryer. Back to the towel.

We just bought Watson a furbrush so we figured post-bath would be the perfect time to try it out since all that scrub-a-dubbing loosened up his coat. We both gave the new brush (meant specifically for dogs with short, fine fur) a try, but only saw about three strands on the bristles… another furdo failure. Overall, Watson’s first big boy dog bath wasn’t half bad.

Do any of you like to eat cereal in the tub? Are you afraid of the blow dryer or sniff it before use? Any of you enjoy running full speed around your house following a nice soak in the tub?



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