Losing It

No, we’re not talking about our patience or our minds (today anyways), just about Watson’s teeth. He recently lost his first of 28 puppy (or deciduous) teeth. See:

Oh, sorry. It’s a bit difficult to get the mister to cooperate when it comes to his chompers. Can you see it now?

The missing tooth is right above Jake’s thumb, and as far as we know, Watson’s right on schedule. Between three and four months puppies begin to lose their incisors, which is exactly what our dear Watson has lost. Between seven and eight months, he should have a mouth full of adult dog teeth (maybe something like this). Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’ll be doing any adult dog chewing on our stuff!

As far as a visit from the tooth fairy goes, we haven’t been able to find his tooth to tuck beneath his pillow, most likely because he swallowed it. Looks like the tooth fairy will need to break out the ol’ rubber gloves if she wants to fulfill her job requirements.


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