‘Speak’ing Out

Get it? Like the command? My people haven’t taught me this one yet, but what kind of puppy would I be if I didn’t already know how my way around a bark? I’ve given them “sit” and “shake,” but I’ve gotta keep them on their toes, and thinking they’re smarter than me.

It seems they’ve been telling you all about me and the antics I get into, but you probably want to hear what’s been going on from my perspective. From my low-to-the-ground line of sight, I see a lot of things, but I’ll tell you what, these people sweep and vacuum too much… not enough crumbs and morsels for my liking. They only feed me three times a day, and won’t even share their popcorn on movie nights. Woof.

They may not let extra food get away, but I’m pretty stealth when it comes to snatching socks and undies. Laundry day is definitely my favorite of the week. They think they’re being so clever closing the laundry room door, but once its time to change a load, I slip right in and get my paws on some goodies. Even when it’s not laundry day, I have no trouble finding a nice pile of clothes to curl up on for my afternoon nap. Dad’s are the best for snoozing because mom’s kind of obsessed with putting her clothes in the hamper, but don’t think that means hers are off limits… her basket is right at snout-height.

Obviously their wardrobes are awesome, but they keep me looking dapper too. After weeks of being collarless, Grandma Michelle took me and the ‘rents to the pet store to pick out a collar. I was only 3 lbs. then, so they thought only cat collars would fit around my tiny neck. No. thank. you. I’m no feline. Good thing Grandma was there to pick out a stylish black collar with dog bones meant for my kind. It looked great against my black, tan, and white fur and fit perfectly until a few days ago. I’ve grown up some (10 lbs. some) so mom and dad decided it was time to switch to the collar they bought for me before they even knew me. It’s a little thicker, just plain gray, has my rabies tag, and suits my more mature 3-month-old self.

What do you all think? (Don’t be shy.)



3 thoughts on “‘Speak’ing Out

  1. This is cracking me up. Now I just need to know what his voice sounds like, so I can read it appropriately.

    • Love reading what my very cute Grandpuppy has to say!
      Wats you just let your Grandma’s know if you need something, ok? I am sure we can toss you a little popcorn under the table…that’s what Grandmas are for(spoiling)!

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