Wattles (& other quirks)

One thing most people can agree on is that all puppies are cute, but what’s the fun in that? It’s the silly mannerisms that give these fluffy friends unique personalities and really makes them a member of the family. These idiosyncracies emerged from Watson as soon as we brought him home, but they were eclipsed by the possibility of health problems. With an A+ on his first vet checkup, we started to relax and enjoy the company of our pup, and we were finally able to pay attention to his little ticks that make him our Wats.

First of all, he stumbled, which works perfectly into one of his nicknames — Wattles. He’d run into walls, chairs, and us like a drunk detective (think Watson’s counterpart, Sherlock). Sometimes running into a leg, human and/or furniture, so hard that he’d have to shake his miniature head to straighten out his marbles.

Speaking of marbles, this little dude has seemed very bright since day one. At the jingle of keys he’d be waiting by the front door. The crinkle of a bag of chips or the crackle of popcorn, Watson would come sliding into the kitchen, sit straight up with his left paw out and trembling, ready to eat scarf. And his cage became his bedroom within a week! (We hear from the vet that this typically takes longer to stick with such a young pup.)

Before and after naps in his beloved “bedroom” or in the most uncomfortable-looking positions:

Watson has always shuffled out with his ears back, his half-opened eyes rapid-fire blinking, and what looks like a grin on across his snout: AKA the sleepy face. When this expression appears, we know we won’t be seeing or hearing him for about an hour.

We love that all of these behaviors are specific to our pup, but our favorite mannerism by far is what we affectionately call “The Awkward Watson” (see below for illustration). If you’re at all familiar with the awkward turtle, then you have a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. “The Awkward Watson” consists of Watson gently (or sometimes not so gently) placing his paw over our mouths as if to say, “Shhhh…” or  “You’re a dummy.” This happens at least once every day. Just Watson’s little way of reminding us that, yes, even puppy parents are embarrassing.



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