Arf Madness

When it came to picking out a name for our furry friend, we expected to choose one from our always growing “Names for Puppies” list, but as you might expect, it was not so elementary. The first two days he was with us, we called him Hugo, Reuben (in honor of our Arby’s parking lot pickup spot), and even Capt’n Crunch. We tried out names from our favorite T.V. shows: McLaren (the hangout in HIMYM) and Haverford (a crazy character from Parks and Rec). We enlisted friends, family, and our “tweeps” for suggestions, but nothing seemed quite right.

Finally it came down to this:

In the spirit of March Madness, we knew his name could only be decided by the fate of a bracket. Here were the rules: Names were placed in a hat and picked at random. The two choices picked in succession were now the head-to-head match-up for each region. We then wrote down our choices for each match-up (see bottom corners for chicken scratch). If both of our choices agreed, the name moved on. If not, we flipped for it. The name claiming the side of the coin advanced to meet its next challenger.

If you follow along with the bracket you’ll notice that Watson never made it out of the first round, and Captain Crunch ended up being the winner. But could we really name a dog Captain Crunch?! My sister’s already taking a lot of heat for what she should name her baby, so how could I name a dog after a favorite childhood cereal? It didn’t seem right, and we didn’t want to explain to EVERYONE why his name was Captain Crunch. So there you have it. Arf Madness was over and we still didn’t have a name picked out. Even bracketology couldn’t solve this case.

It was getting to be Captain crunch time (told ya… we’re corny) because he was headed to the vet the next morning. Of course, the first thing they were going to ask was, “What is his name?”. Before the vet visit, we tried to justify the names we really liked… Hugo? Hadn’t even seen the movie or read the book. You’re outta there. Reuben? Goes perfectly with the story of how we adopted him (not to mention it’s a delicious sandwich!), but we kept shortening it to Ruby… no thanks. Watson? He is very curious, seems smart. What about Sherlock or Holmes? But his little whiskers are frazzled and do look a bit electrocuted (watts!). So without hesitation, I confidently told the vet tech that his name was “Watson.”

Case closed.


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